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Welcome to FantaSearch! This guide details the Dos and Don'ts for FantaSearch members.

Sexual fantasy

Most men and women have sexual fantasies ranging from the conventional to fetish. Threesomes, orgies, sex with a stranger, domination and submission, kinky sex.... the list in endless. Contrary to common believe, women too have a lot of secret sexual fantasies and secret desires. You may have your own fantasy too, don't think you're in the minority when it comes to your fantasies, desires and fetish.

You may be surprised to find similar people with common fantasies here in FantaSearch you can connect to. Expect fantasy-inspired sex and make your fantasies come true!


It is important that you spend time to create a likable profile. Most people spend a mere 5 to 10 second to look at a profile. You are more likely to get more attention and more replies if you profile captures one's attention. Typing in gibberish characters won't help. Most people just tend to fill-up the 100 characters which fills up about 3 lines in their profile. You need to write more than 3 line to get attention, especially when there are countless other profiles to pick from.

Be specific in describing your sexual preferences, hidden desires and fantasies in detail. Being genuine and honest about your intentions.

Profiles with pictures get more attention. If you need to be discreet, make your picture private. Selecting a good username also plays a part in getting noticed.


If you are unsure of subscribing to message users, winking is free way to check if any user is interested in you.

If you receive a wink, you may wink back or message the user if you're a subscriber. It it best to ignore a wink if you're not interested in someone, do not wink back.


A simple hello is the best way to start a convesation. Complementing someone may be a good start as well. Avoid sending lengthy fist messages. Avoid messaging people you don't like or do not wish to meet.

The people who don't respond to your messages are either not interested in you, or have been busy. Be patience, do not get upset or frustrated if someone doesn't reply to our your message. Give a few days or a week before checking back on he or she. New users come back FantaSearch 2 times a day on average, while a more seasoned user comes back 3 times a week on average. Bombarding a person with many massages to get a reply is not advisable.

If you're not interested in someone who messaged you, just don't write back at all or simply drop a "not interested" or similar message.

Moving forward

After messaging each other a few times here in FantaSearch, you could exchange numbers and text or talk over the phone. Talk to each other and then decide if you want to meet in person.

Plan ahead how you're going to spend time together on your first date. If you prefer not to have anything physical on your first date, make sure that you tell your date before you meet. The important rule is to meet only after you've talked through and understand each other.

By Teressa Smith