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Private browsing
Private browsing

Are you concerned about using your computer, phone or tab for browsing, and leaving behind clues to your activities for others to find on your device? Most browsers are able to save browsing history viewable in the "URL box", fill up "text boxes" as you type and remember passwords. Your partner or whoever gaining access to your device would be able to know which sites you have been browsing, and worse might also be auto logged into your online accounts.

Private Browsing / Incognito mode

All modern browsers have private browsing mode, also known as incognito mode. In this mode, the browsers do not save browsing history, remember passwords, auto-fill "text boxes" and predict words as being typed. Given below are ways to turn on private browsing mode in a few popular web browsers.


When you open a new browsing window, you could turn on private browsing by pressing the "Private" button. Pressing again the "Private" button toggles the browser into normal mode.

Normal browsing mode in iPhone Private browsing mode in iPhone

When you're in private browsing mode, the "Private" button becomes white in color.

Private fantasy search in iPhone

Android Internet Browser

Click on the option button to bring on the option menu and click on "New incognito tab".

Opening private browsing mode in android

Notice how incognito mode in indicated on the tab with an icon of a man with a hat.

Private browsing mode in android

Mozilla Firefox

Press on the option icon button at the top right of your browser, and select "New Private Window".

Opening private browsing mode in Firefox

When the private mode is active, a white-on-purple mask icon is displayed next to the minimize, maximize and close buttons.

Private browsing mode in android

Internet Explorer

Click on the safety button to bring down the menu and select "InPrivate Browsing", or press CTRL+SHIFT+P at the same time.

Opening private browsing mode in IE

InPrivate mode is indicated next to the URL/address bar.

Private browsing mode in IE