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Are you planning an adult party? Organizing a swingers party, all girls party or a teenage party at home? You'll want to have some exciting party games planned for your guests to get in touch with their wild sides. Here are a few fun ideas you must try!

Key Party

A key party is a swingers party where the house or car keys of each man is dropped into a bowl as couples arrive at the party. At the end of the party, each woman pulls a key or keychain randomly and goes back with the owner of the key.

If swinging is not an option, start the key pulling at the beginning of the party to determine the date for the party. This does not need to be a swingers party, just dating and flirting during the party and going back with the original partners at the end of the party. If you get sexually aroused by jealousy, this is the game to play!

Sex Dice

Sex dice is a dice game commonly used by couples for bedroom play. There are various types of sex dices available, some with 6 sides and some dices with 12 sides. There are dices giving sexual positions to try on, and there are types giving actions to perform on body parts.

Try the body parts and actions sex dices to spice up the party. The body part dice have sides ear, toes, nipples, neck, privates and ass while the command dice have sides kiss, touch, lick, tickle, suck and massage. Convert another dice by writing the initials of the girls to whom the action is to be performed. Each guy throws the 3 dices all in once to get the saucy action to perform, the body part and the person to perform the action on.

If there are more than 6 girls in the party, you could use 2 or more dices to write the names of the girls. You will end up with 2 or more names depending on the number of dices assigned to select the girls. The guy gets to select the girl of his choice from 2 or more names from the throw.

Once all the guys have played, switch side and have the girls throw dices and work on the guys. You could play this game with cloths on or naked!

Lipstick Party

A lipstick party or rainbow party is a type of party where each girl wears a different shade of lipstick and performs oral sex on men. The girls try to leave lipstick rings on the penises.

For a milder version of the party, the girls leave lipstick rings on the men's fingers or get creative by leaving multi-color lipstick patterns on the men's neck.

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