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Mermaid it up with this cracking sex position.

The woman lies face up on the edge of a bed, desk, or counter top. She places a pillow under her bum to get some elevation then she extends her legs straight up, keeping them close together. She can put her hands under the pillow to raise the pelvis even higher, use them to hold on to the counter or desk for leverage, or keep them free.

He then enters her while standing up; if the bed or desk is low, he can kneel on the floor. He can grip her feet for leverage, which will give him the extra stability he needs to thrust more deeply.

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GIA_G19 Dec 15
Female, 34
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Hi, looking for a sex partner to have fun and try out different positions. Only contact if you live in Toronto.

SENLADY19 Dec 15
Female, 39
Hanoi, Ha Noi, Vietnam
Have to try this! Contact if you 1. are super cute 2. live in Hanoi 3. single

NAVINS30 Dec 15
Male, 36
Hyderabad, Telangana, India
If there is any girl from Indore looking for this.. Please call me on 95225xxxxx

DRACONIAN50609 Sep 16
Male, 29
Hyderabad, Telangana, India
I have to try this!!! I have a flat of my own so sleep over is not an issue.. People visiting Hyderabad for short duration are also welcome. Call me on 9873093506.

Male, 38
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Holding the thighs of the women with both hands would help in banging faster and wilder when nearing climax ;)

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