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The man sits on a chair with his partner astride him.

She leans right back, resting her head on a cushion on the floor, while he takes control of the thrusting and caresses her breasts.

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Female, 47
Manassas, Virginia, USA
Blood flow to the neck makes the sex intense.

GIA_G19 Dec 15
Female, 34
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Hi, looking for a sex partner to have fun and try out different positions. Only contact if you live in Toronto.

Female, 49
Seoul, Soul-t'ukpyolsi, Korea, South
Looking for partner in crime in the Seoul area to try of different sexual positions and experiment having sex outdoors.

RONNIE12345626 Nov 17
Male, 27
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Hey looking for girl and I am from Ahmedabad whtsapp me on 7874834835 and read my profile here

Male, 26
New Delhi, Delhi, India
Damn intense one, Have to try this, any female from Delhi 30+ wanna try something new ping me @8285309651(read my description)

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